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Casatoc offers you 2 totally free options:

Option ONE:

Publish your home on casatoc for free, casatoc offers you significant national and international visibility with one goal, to quickly find your future buyer or tenant.

List your home for free in minutes

Option ONE + TWO: FREE

At your disposal and in a single click all the real estate professionals selected by casatoc that appear in the agency and agent search engine.

You can offer real estate to your clients if you consent, where you will considerably increase the possibility of selling quickly, every day new professionals register to be selected on the casatoc platform.

List your home for free in minutes

Advertise your house

Advantage of ONE + TWO option

Choose option one + two to ensure a quick sale in good condition.

You will enjoy a network of professionals that allows you to give your property the best national and international visibility, you will obtain professional advice, you will pay the fees that you have offered only if it is the professional that sells it to you, if you sell it directly you will not pay anything.

With peace of mind, you can continue to advertise your property, offer it to your friends and contacts, in addition to the fact that professionals also offer your house to their clients.

Double advantage: Sell alone or sell with professionals

Are you a real estate professional and want to be part of our sales advisors?

Visit and discover all the advantages.

Frequently asked Questions

Don't you want a professional to offer your home?

It's very easy, don't mark option 2 in the publication of your home (in just 1 click).

If I sell the house with a professional, is advice included?

Yes, of course, professionals do their job for the proper functioning of the sale.

A future buyer needs financing?

Don't worry, Casatoc offers you a mortgage comparator to offer the best rate and loans to buyers.

Will the price of my house be published at the same price as I offer it?

Yes, because it is you who decides the public price, the professionals cannot modify the public sale price.

I have a buyer and a professional too, how does it work?

Very easy, you decide to whom you want to sell your house.

I sold my house, can I remove it from the casatoc portal?

Yes, of course and in less than 30 seconds.